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Description (Sani Sticks)

Sani Sticks Disinfectant Sticks clean blockages and odors all year round!


Powerful enzymes that are contained in the Sani Stick instantly clean the oil, grease, hair, releasing the pipe drains against contamination, which prevents normal water drainage. This is a revolutionary technology available to everyone! 

The Sani Stick also eliminates unpleasant odors.


1. One piece per month to avoid odors. 

2. Made from strong 100 enzymes, it can effectively break down and digest deposits and organic fats. 

3. Keep the drain system used in the kitchen, bathroom and utilities clean and eliminate odors and clogs. 

4. Maintain the safety of pipes and septic tanks. 


Soak Sani Sticks in the sink or drain of the bathtub by completely immersing it in the drainpipe. And, for a whole month, you may forget the clogged sink or the drain hole in the shower.   


Entering the water, it starts to act instantly. Sani Sticks break down food residues, detergents, grease and hair.  

A Sani Sticks package is sufficient for one year.

Eliminate blockages and odors with Sani Sticks

Sani Sticks non-toxic and biodegradable.



  • 1 packaging with 12 Sani Sticks





      Sani Sticks Disinfect and clean pipes


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