LEMFO M1 smart watch with bluetooth and headphones

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Description (LEMFO M1 smart watch with blue ...)

LEMFO M1 smart watch with bluetooth headsets  


Much more than a clock! Offer at an incredible price!


Some of the features:

Smart Ai, iPhone Siri  
Stereo headphones TWS, single use or two simultaneous  
Heart rate test  
Blood pressure test  
Step count, mileage, consumption  
Sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder, lifting wrist screen  
WeChat, sending SMS  
Shake a photo  


Download software  

At the Apple AppStore store look for the "AMKang" software and download.  
For Android, download the "AMKang" software for QR code recognition.                                                                                                     

4.BLE connection device and pairing  

1) BLE connection: Search for the device model and connect in the Settings> Device interface of the application. After the connection is successful, the AMKang device model will be displayed under the My Device APP, and the upper left corner of the time interface on the device can be seen. Bluetooth has successfully connected the symbol. The time is automatically synchronized when the connection is successful.  
2) After the first connection is successful, the device will be automatically connected after the device is turned off and the signal range is turned off, and then returned to the host.  



Connection Considerations  

1) Make sure the Bluetooth on the phone is turned on;  
2) Make sure that the equipment is fully charged, turn it on, or charge before use;  
3) Verify that the device is 50 cm in the phone when pairing the connection;  
4) If your Android phone does not find the device in the mobile application, make sure that "AMKang" is authorized to use Bluetooth in the permission setting of the phone;  
5) When pairing the headphones, make sure that the headphones are removed from the wristband host; if there is no Bluetooth, put the headphones on the strap and remove them.  



Bluetooth Headset Function Instructions and Precautions


1. Pairing the headset: Remove the headset from the receiver of the wrist strap, there is an alert tone, turn on Bluetooth in the phone settings, find the corresponding Bluetooth name (SH30L) and pair with the connection. After the pairing is successful, the setting will show "Connected", indicating that the product connection was successful.
2. After the pairing has been successfully paired, put it back in the bracelet host, and then remove the host's headset from the bracelet to automatically turn on and turn it on automatically.
3. After the headset is successfully paired, if the phone is manually unplugged, you will need to reconnect to the Bluetooth settings of your phone.
4, earphone pairing: first turn off both headphones, then press and hold the 16S button, release the hand, and press the button at the same time will automatically complete the pairing. The Bluetooth function in the phone settings must be disabled for the connection.


The middle-touch button on the headset is a dedicated button for the Bluetooth headset, which is used to answer calls, reject incoming calls, mute calls, make callbacks and activate voice assistants in the headset state .

When the headset is at the base of the strap, there is an incoming call and it is removed from the dock for automatic connection. The headset is too long outside the base of the wrist strap, and the incoming call needs to be answered manually.

Double-click the button to answer the call;

Double-click to turn off the phone;

Press and hold to reject the call;

During the call, put the headset back in the headset jack to turn off the phone, and the other party does not turn off the phone, then automatically switches to the phone to answer.



Mute the call

 While the headset is on a call, press and hold the 3S touch button to enter the mute, and then press and hold to return to the call.
When the headset receives a call at the base of the strap, the device vibrates and displays a reminder. Touch the touch button to remotely operate the manual mute. Press and hold the touch button for 3 seconds to reject it directly.

Call back

  Double-click the button to return the number of the last call.


Voice and call assistant

When the headset is connected, 3 tap the touch button to activate the iphone cgi, the Android phone's voice assistant, and the voice assistant can be used to pull the phone and check the time. The success rate of command execution after activation of the voice assistant is related to the intelligence level of the mobile phone's own voice assistant.
When activating the voice assistant, you must ensure that the headset is away from the base of the strap and is in active connection with the Bluetooth of the phone. The activation operation is valid only on the standby interface or the main time interface.



1. It is forbidden to use the adapter with load voltage> 5v and load current> 2A, the charging time is 60 minutes;  
2. Do not dive, swim, bathe;  
3. This product does not support waterproofing. Please remove it by washing hands, rain, strenuous exercise, etc., which can cause the equipment to enter the water.  
4. This product is an electronic monitoring product, not for medical reference, the data are for reference only;  
5. Blood Pressure Test Method: Please keep your body relaxed and immobile during the test, and make sure the bracelet is at the same height as the heart. Please do not talk while testing;  

















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