Activated charcoal tooth whitener

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Description (Activated carbon tooth whitener)

Pure Activated Carbon Powder. Just it! Possibly the best whitening / whitening agent you will find!


Activated carbon is a fine black powder that is very absorbent. It is activated by the carbonization of organic matter. Coconut shells are what most activated carbon is made of. This process increases the absorption capacity of the molecules, so that more toxins and impurities can be absorbed.




  • Black color
  • Capacity: 30g
  • Main Ingredient: Activated Carbon
  • Applicable Persons: Adult
  • Efficacy: Bright White, Descaling, Prevent Bad Breath, Inhibit Dental Plaque, Prevent Periodontal Disease, Remove Bad Breath, Fresh Teeth



1: Put a small amount of powder in the palm of your hand using a small spoon
2: Wet your toothbrush bristles, soak them in charcoal power
3: Gently brush the inner, outer and chewing surfaces of your teeth for 1-2 minutes
4: Wash with plenty of water, then clean and enjoy incredible good results.


 Dental Whitener


Activated carbon formula is teeth whitening, easy to use. It naturally whitens your teeth, not through harsh dental grade whitening peroxides, but through the power of activated carbon, nature's best purifies and detoxifiers. Unique formula whitens teeth over time and helps remove stains from various causes: coffee stains, and more - all without harsh chemicals or bleaches. We believe that you will get the most confident smile process adsorption after using the products!

Get the perfect bright smile!


      Activated charcoal tooth whitener


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