Sell ​​to which countries?


We are an international online store, we sell worldwide 🌍



Where can I see the prices?


The prices of our articles are posted on our website:
Here you can analyze product information and even place your own order.



Where do I place the order?


Orders are placed through our website:
The normal process, putting in the cart and following the remaining steps indicated



What are the payment methods?


Our payment methods are:
- Credit card
- Debit card
- Paypal
- Bank transfer (only in some countries - see checkout)



How can I see the price on the site in my local currency or in another currency?


To see prices in your currency, just go to the top right and change it
Super practical



Do you accept returns?


We accept returns in case of defect or inaccuracy. You will have a maximum period of 3 days to report your problem via our E-mail address. You can see everything about returns on our Terms and Conditions.
Please note that products involving hygiene are not returned



I was wrong at the address, how can I replace it?


You will not be able to replace it because it has already been implemented in our system, but you can send an email if you have repaired after placing the order, if it has been a while, it means that the order may have already been processed, if not we can do nothing.
Therefore, I ask you when you place an order to confirm that the details are correct so that the address does not happen to be incomplete or even wrong. Attention in these situations we are not responsible



How long do orders take to arrive?


It always depends on the product and the country. The average delivery time is shown on the product page itself. On products with express shipping it simply says:


Shipping in 24/48 hours with typical deliveries between 2 to 5 days. 


In Free Shipping products it says for example:


Free Delivery Deadlines:
United Kingdom: 6 to 10 working days 
United States: 7 to 20 business days (5 to 8 business days Express)
Canada, Austraulia: 15 to 25 business days (7 to 9 business days Express)
Remaining countries: 15 to 30 working days
Choose Standard Shipping in Checkout. Consider 2 to 5 days of product processing time.


Some "Free Shipping" products can be shipped by DHL, always refer to the information at the bottom of each product page.                        


Do you have physical stores?

Although we are focused on online commerce, after many requests, suggestions from Customers and some Partners, we decided to open the first physical store in 2020 in the Capital of Angola, Luanda. 

This store's main objective is to provide local support to our customers in Luanda.

The location of the Luanda store can be consulted online, here!



How do I track my order?


All customers can access all details of online delivery at any time from their phone or computer. From your order page you can also click on the tracking number to get all the information that is available.


The information provided depends on whether your order is “Free Shipping” or Express according to the following examples.


  • Free Shipping Order:

In these orders, the carriers do not provide the delivery date, so you must take the delivery time shown on the page of each product ordered and the processing date. The processing date corresponds to the date on which you received the tracking number. You will see something like this:



  • Express Order:


In these orders, some carriers provide the estimated delivery date, which you can consult online on their order page. You will see something like this: