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We are looking for people who are passionate about fashion and beauty, have a presence on social media and are enthusiastic  in promoting our products.


Help us promote our products and interest your audience.


- Post quality photos, videos, or content to your YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Pinterest, or whatever platform you have.

- If you have a blog, create a post with one or two products that you find most interesting from our store.

- If you are a Vlogger, create a video post with one or two products from our store.

- Tags on your posts on social media with : @nacloset_official #naclosetofficial

- You must be willing to give us permission to use the content for advertising purposes or to appear on any of our social media accounts that we may identify with.



Advantages for you:


      Earn affiliate commissions and get free products. At the Ambassador Portal you can control all your sales!                              

  Get a discount code to share with your followers, family, and friends.

  Viewability through social media and even advertising 

 Contests to win free products, promo codes and more for your followers

   Possible modeling opportunities (depending on location and work as influencer / ambassador NAcloset)

  Great opportunity to add this function to your resume (store ambassador)




Common questions:


1) Is the commission fixed? The initial commission is fixed, but it can be revised at any time according to the performance of each ambassador, and may even increase in some cases.


2) Is the program limited to commissions? No, commissions are the beginning of each ambassador's activity. Depending on the results obtained, there may be additional incentives.


3) I don't have a Paypal account, how can I receive the incentives? Incentives can be paid in cash as well as in online store credits. In this case, you should contact the online store's support via e-mail.


4) I registered and I already have the link and discount code, what should I do? Now you can start spreading your code or link to your acquaintances, friends, family or even on your social networks. For every order placed by them, you will receive a sales commission.


5) How can I make my sales? A NAcloset allows you to use materials from our online store (photos, descriptions, videos) for promotion and sales purposes. Some influencer ambassadors buy products to run their own sales promotions, although this is not mandatory.


6) I already have a discount from NAcloset, I can accumulate? If you already have a discount code, either use it or use the ambassador one, as it is not possible to accumulate these discounts.


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