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    Finishing Touch Flawless Dermaplane Glo Finishing Touch Flawless Dermaplane Glo is the new Facial Scrub & Hair Remover! Finishing ...
  • Céline Dion's Heart of the Ocean Necklace

    Céline Ocean Heart Necklace Dion is the random 'Titanic' tribute you needed. Accessories can make or break an outfit. A necklace of ...
  • Blue Tiger Eye

    The eye of the tiger is a variety called mineral quartz. It owes its tiger-eye name to its brilliance, which it receives as a result of a polish and which closely resembles a cat's pupil.

    Especially as a gem, it finds great application. Tiger Eye locations are South Africa and Western Australia, plus the United States, Canada, Namibia, India, and Myanmar.

    As an amulet, the tiger's eye was already worn by the "ancient Greeks" against the "evil eye"; in the Middle Ages, it was used against devilish figures and witches. It is said that even the Crusaders knew about the effect of the tiger's eye.

    When you look closely and with a little imagination, you can easily see an eye on the mineral. Because of this appearance and color, the name of the tiger's eye was derived. With this, the eye of the tiger, as well as the eye of the hawk, received ophthalmic powers.

    Thus, the eye of the tiger must, of course, be able to protect its wearer from the "evil eye" while allowing it to see it more clearly and thereby increase its ability to concentrate.

    However, it still leaves it open around you and makes it adaptable.

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    Unique and unique round beach towels
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  • Partnership between NAcloset and Ariana Grande Family

    Partenariat Avec NAcloset ARIANA GRANDE FAMILY · MONDAY, 15 OF APRIL OF 2019 Je tiens tous d'abord à remercier NAcloset P...