What is UV sterilization?

UV sterilization and disinfection is a recent alternative technique to traditional chemicals. It allows in seconds or minutes to sterilize any surface destroying up to 99,9% of the microorganisms.


It has only recently started to be used in private vehicles, in public transport and the like.


The technique is best known and used in microbial decontamination on surfaces of medical, dental, aesthetic, veterinary offices, etc.


Now it's home! With a UVC device you can sterilize everything from cutlery, phones, tables, bathrooms to an entire room in minutes!


UV Toothbrush Dispenser with Holder

Do you leave your toothbrush and paste in the cup ?! 

With this Automatic UV Sterilizer with Toothpaste Dispenser this will not happen anymore.

This 3 in 1 UV toothbrush sterilizer is complete, effective and versatile. With toothpaste dispenser and wall mount bracket with adhesive fixation.

This familiar toothbrush holder contains space for 5 toothbrushes. It can be disassembled, thus facilitating cleaning. Ideal for a more comfortable and safe brushing, protecting the brushes from bacterial contamination through ultraviolet light that disinfects them quickly and easily, eliminating bacteria and microorganisms in a few minutes.




Rechargeable UV Disinfection Lamp

A rechargeable and portable UV disinfection lamp that quickly and effectively removes bacteria and microorganisms from all types of objects, thanks to its ultraviolet light.

UV Disinfection


Due to its compact and lightweight design that takes up almost no space, it can be easily transported and stored at home, in the office, on trips, etc., so that it is always at hand when objects need to be disinfected, and can even be conveniently carried in a bag. In addition, its operation is very simple, just point the LED-UV lights at the surface to be disinfected and make circular movements, applying UV light on each side of the surface for 59 s for total disinfection.



10 W Multifunction UV Sterilizer

Have you ever thought about having a Multifunction UV Sterilizer for all those objects that you want to ensure are free of germs, viruses or other types of contamination?

It can be applied to sterilize countless types of everyday objects and personal health care products, such as masks, glasses, watches, mobile phones, etc.

This UV Sterilizer Includes a 10W fast wireless charger to charge your cell phone by simply placing it on top of the lid.

coronavirus lamp

 Place your objects to be sterilized inside the UV sterilizer and after the 5 minute sterilization process, they will be free of germs, such as bacteria, viruses and others.


Automatic UV Sterilizer with Toothpaste Dispenser

Do you still leave your toothbrush and toothpaste in the cup ?! like this Automatic UV Sterilizer with Toothpaste Dispenser it will not happen anymore.

It has a familiar design and can store up to 5 toothbrushes. This toothpaste holder and wall holder save space. It is compatible with any type of toothpaste.

The ultraviolet light will automatically turn off after 4-5 minutes.


With this UV dispenser holder you will have:

  • UV Sterilization
  • Toothpaste dispenser
  • UV eliminates germs, bacteria, viruses 
  • Protection against other agents such as dust
  • Hygienic storage



These are some of the main products that NAcloset provides, among others that you can see.



Warning: UV light has lethal effects on organic cells. Do not expose people, animals or plants to powerful disinfection lamps in the long term.


UV sterilization

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