Gluteos and Abdominal Electrostimulator work?

Gluteos and Abdominal Electrostimulator work?



What is one Electro stimulator?

Os  electro stimulators are devices that have a series of cables that send electrical impulses that are interpreted by a series of patches that massage an area of ​​the body.

They are used in different types of treatments, to strengthen muscles, relieve body aches and even to give relaxing massages.


The dream of most people is to have a toned body with the minimum effort needed for that purpose. Does the muscle toner or electric stimulator Is it the ideal path?


When it comes to physical exercise, a lot of people already start out with that laziness just thinking about having to leave home to go to the gym or run a race in the square. It's the old struggle between idleness and the desired results.

If that old sloth that everyone else faces is not enough, we still have to add to it the fact that our lives are running more and more. Carrying a child in school, going to work, college, home activities, in short, there is little time for much activity.

It is during these hours that many people seek methods and activities that will save us one of our most precious assets, the time.

Aiming at this audience, a few years ago a wave of electrical appliances for aesthetic / health purposes started to become popular in the United States and it didn't take long for it to be fever in various parts of the world (with Brazil it was no different). They are known as electrical muscle toners or by the English term Muscle Stimulators. It is also very common to hear such devices by the term "abdominal appliances", after all, most of the people who are looking for this device intend to come mainly from this body region.



Electrostimulator for glutes


Work Gluteos at home with this gluteos toner!

Gluteus electrostimulator can be used andwhile doing your daily tasks, anytime, anywhere, such as at work, watching movies or doing household chores!




How One Works electric stimulator

The muscle toner aims to work on a specific region of the body through electrical pulses that activate electrodes, where electrodes are transmitted on the surface of the skin.

In the case of the toner, it was developed to work the most diverse muscles of the human body, such as biceps, triceps, legs and abdomen. This last muscle group, incidentally, was one of the main responsible for the success of the device. As we mentioned above, most people look to you to focus on abdominal results.

Basically, these transmitters have the mission to make your muscle work through contraction and relaxation even if you are in a static situation. Even more straightforward, the idea is for the device to "work hard" in its place.

The muscle toner usually comes with a contact gel. It has the task of "adjusting" the device to the skin. Manufacturers recommend not using toner without gel applied.



Not all people who are looking for a electric stimulator have the same goal. Some want to decrease the measures, others want a bigger definition of the muscle in question.

It is by thinking of this that most electric muscle toners work from levels of stimuli, aimed at the different goals with the muscle.

Most electro stimulators work with 4 levels:

  • Muscle strength
  • Firmness
  • Muscular Maintenance
  • Massager

The device electric stimulator even serves as an exercise complement.

For example, a person who frequently does sit-ups at home and on a given day needs to iron their clothes at the time of activity. solution? Put the toner on while doing the housework. Simple isn't it?

Is it harmful to health?

Like any product on the market these days, it will always have a manufacturer who will develop a product of the worst quality to cheapen the cost of manufacturing, will sell the product cheaper and the results - obviously - will be unsatisfactory for the consumer, and worse cases, will cause health risks.

The muscle toner is a device regulated by ANVISA, and the agency has even requested some tests that proved the non-change in blood pressure and heart rate values ​​with the device's stimulations, thus ruling out any possibility of cardiac risk to healthy adults.

In short, the electrostimulator is clinically accepted, tested, and proven. You just have to get a reliable and quality brand.


Can anyone use it?

Yes, anyone can use electro stimulators, regardless of whether or not he or she is already fully sedentary. As it has levels of intensity, the device can deal with any type of muscle (from the totally sedentary muscle to the one accustomed to frequent physical activities).


  • If you have any heart stimulator;
  • Use the device in the heart region;
  • Pregnant women;
  • In case of neuromuscular pathology;
  • In case of hemorrhagic pathology.

O Electro stimulator work?

The device alone does no miracles. I know it sounds like a somewhat obvious phrase but unfortunately some believe only using the device will bring significant results.

But yes, the device combined with a good diet and some aerobic exercises can bring very interesting gains.

It is also worth noting that 2 electric stimulator, it's the time saver. This he does very well. After all, we can take it and use it almost anywhere.

With patented EMS technology and clinically proven results, it is ideal for toning the biceps, triceps and glutes. 


Electro stimulator Smart Fitness

Ideal for athletes, athletes, and healthy lifestyles, this portable device relies on electronics to provide a uniform stimulation that is complemented by sports activity to tone the muscles.

It is a unisex device, simple and easy to use, you will have a firm abdomen in a short time.

 More models of Electrostimulators can be found at this link:



We try to make a compilation with the best models of the market to NAcloset. However, the information shown can not be replaced by that of a health professional. If in doubt, it is your responsibility to consult the appropriate person.


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