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Touch panel LEDs

This year 2020 we chose to highlight a product that is not only intended for the Christmas season but can also be used all year round. It is a led light panel as decorative as it is useful!

How about a product that responds to your touch? How about having your own creative forms? What if it's a light? See this magnificent Hexagonal panel Touch LEDs.


With this sophisticated light panel, you can introduce an original Christmas decoration into your home. The interior architecture becomes the source of light. Customize the lighting levels and colors according to your taste.

We also have a vast collection of Christmas decorations.



The Christmas

There is nothing like Christmas. The lights, the snow, the presents. Stories passed from generation to generation in front of a cozy fireplace, rolled up blankets, and hot chocolate. Feelings of warmth and unity, and most of all, the feeling of giving. Christmas carols, classic movies and family favorites are shared throughout the holiday season. Every family, every culture, every person sees Christmas through a unique lens of wonder and splendor.

Sometimes it can be challenging to find the right gifts for your family members and it can be tempting to just get some socks or underwear. 

A NAcloset offers a wide range of products, any of which could serve to offer this Christmas. But we decided to make some more specific Christmas gift suggestions. For this purpose we created a christmas product collection!



Christmas tree

If your family has no problems with allergies, bring a real evergreen to your home this Christmas. Going out to get a Christmas tree is an exciting tradition for adults and children. 

Christmas tree image result

Just a note here, but setting up a fake tree is no less a Christmas experience. Bringing a basement or attic tree is so exciting!

Whichever option you choose, be sure to consider placing a rug under the Christmas tree. Choose one or more models from our christmas rugs and have a different, more beautiful and original decoration.


Christmas iPhone Cases

This Christmas could not miss celebrities cell phone cases With Christmas decorations.

Mr Bean Teddy Bear

Who doesn't remember the famous Mr. Bean? Whether they are the smallest or the largest, these cuddly toys can be an unforgettable Christmas gift.



O Mr Bean Teddy Bear It is a great Christmas gift option and certainly a surprise for all Ages!



Incense burner

The tradition of exchanging gifts for Christmas goes back to the story of the birth of baby Jesus in Jerusalem and the gifts offered to him by the three wise men: gold, incense and myrrh.

This lovely incense burner This ceramic tile is ideal for burning your favorite incense sticks, providing a relaxing and decorative touch to any space. During Christmas this fabulous handicraft will be noticed.


Incense and myrrh have always been associated with the wise men and still have properties that may be useful today.


Automatic Corkscrew

During the Christmas and New Year period this automatic corkscrew will delight everyone by opening any bottle in seconds.


Electric Automatic Wine Stopper Opener with Leaf Cutter


Invest in a good corkscrew during the Christmas holiday season, preferably with an included automatic knife.



Christmas roll 

Finally, an easy way to prepare  the most beautiful and original Christmas cookies in just a few minutes! This original, christmas roll would make a gift perfect of Christmas for your wife, mother, friends (women or men) or  anyone that love to bake e loves the magic of christmas!  

BG0200 (3)

This extraordinary wooden scroll is engraved with your choice of a beautiful snowflake and deer pattern, canine bone pattern or snowflake patterns alluding to the Christmas period.





Moon lamp

A Moon lamp It is a famous decorative piece, certainly an extraordinary Christmas gift.



A perfect gift! Express your love with this hot gift. Your children or loved one cannot resist this charming gift.


Magnetic wooden lamp

One of the most original lamps on the market could not miss as a Christmas gift suggestion. 


When you lift the lower magnetic sphere, it is attracted to the top magnetic ball, causing it to balance in the air. This magnetic force turns on the lamp. To turn off the lamp, simply move the magnetic spheres apart.


Christmas Cat Sweatshirt

To cope with the cold in the northern hemisphere during the Christmas season, wearing warm sweaters is always a good option.

A Christmas Sweatshirt has a 3D Christmas graphic design with vibrant colors, printed on the front and back, without fading and flaking. 



Stay tuned for new models of Sweat Shirts and be sure to see the Lantern sleeves sweater.


 Beautifully feminine, this Sweater It has sleek lantern sleeves, ribbed cuffs and a comfortable collar.


We also highlight the Fortnite Sweatshirt Unisex using high definition sublimation printing technique covers all clothes with a Cool 360 Design! Various patterns are available.





Original Kitchen Utensils

There are a large number of kitchen utensils that greatly facilitate work at any time of the year. Since Christmas and New Year's Eve parties are often times of intense family activity in the kitchen, consider having some of the most precious and sought after utensils. 


5 Vegetable Cutter on 1 Nicer Dicer Quick is the perfect kitchen helper for meals in an instant com five interchangeable options  to cut, cut or cut fruits and vegetables. You can cut into thick or thin slices and you can also cut into slices.



Like New Vegetable and Vegetable Multifunction Cutter for the kitchen you can already clean the vegetables directly through the drainage system after cutting them. Avoid the tedious cleaning process and make cleaning much easier!





Like this Kitchen Slicer for onions everything will come out right, more professional and main, faster!

With this slicer you can avoid injuries. It is an innovative tool used by housewives, chef cooks and kitchen staff.



Like this Food processor prepare several dishes at the same time without leaving a single minute behind. You keep your hands free while the robot mixer does all the work. Stir the sauce so it doesn't stick, don't let the sauce lump, mix ingredients in the stew, in the soup, in the creams.

With Christmas being a family reunion period, these and other utensils will make cooking in your kitchen even safer and more fun. 




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