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This smartwatch is the fitness perfect for all people who like to fitness. However, if you want a lot of features and specifications in your smartwatch, we think the microwear L5 is right for you. It has everything you might want in your smartwatch. If you are unsure about buying this great gadget, we are here to help you. We will describe the features, specifications and provide the review real from SmartWatch Microwear L5 to help you decide.

 Microwear L5 Smart Watch Review

At the beginning of this analysis, we want to say that the L5 microwear is more of a fitness than a smartwatch. As we mentioned in the title, it is like a resource mine that will surprise and satisfy you.

desenharMicrowear L5 SmartWatch

The Microwear L5 smartwatch has a sporty and classic design, comes in a round shape. It has a diamond-plated carbon-coated body and sweat-proof silicone bracelet, which makes it more durable. The strap is easy to disassemble.

The watch case is made of carbon fiber, is round and has a diameter of 48 nm. The thickness of the box is 13 nm and the weight is 52 grams. Therefore, the watch is lightweight, comfortable and never feels like a burden to your wrist. The black, green or red silicone strap completes the watch. It has a simple and classic texture.

Frankly speaking, Microwear designers didn't give much time to the external designs of the watch. They kind of mimicked some popular smartwatches from other design companies. But we think it's okay as long as the main features are good.


The smartwatch comes in an 1,3 inch TFT single-touch LCD panel with high resolution of 240 * 240 pixels. The end-to-end screen offers incredible visual display. The screen is good and clear enough to control the clock options.


The Microwear L5 has a battery of 380 mAh which is very good for a smartwatch. The battery has a minimum duration of 1 week. Nordic's battery management chipset provides a better solution and increases battery capacity. In addition, the smartwatch has a standby time of up to 100 days.

Led light

On one side of the watch, there are two physical buttons and the light lens between them. The upper button is the switch button and the lower button is the flashlight button.

When you press the torch light button, you will see a good amount of light going through the LED. That means you will never be in absolute darkness. There is also an emergency alert flash.

Memory and Technical Specifications

The Microwear L5 smartwatch has an 64 KB RAM and an 512 KB ROM memory, which is quite good for a smartwatch. The watch processor is Nordic 52832, which is really responsible for the watch's performance. The Bluetooth that connects the watch to your phone is Bluetooth V4.0. The watch is compatible with Android and IOS operating system.


The watch is an IP68 waterproof smart watch that stays intact even under a few meters of water. You don't have to put off the watch while washing your hands, you don't have to worry about getting wet in the rain, and you can even swim using the watch.

Again, do not use it while bathing in hot water, which means that hot water can damage it.

Monitoring health

It is a common feature of smartwatches to measure heart rate through pulse rate. Of course, Microwear L5 is not an exception. The watch's heart rate monitor function will provide real-time feedback. The watch measures and records heart rate data, examining and scanning the capillary of the skin surface through a green optic touched to the skin. To stop measuring, slide to other menus.

You can check your heart rate anytime and anywhere. Typically, the rate is from 60 to 901 bpm, athletes may have less than 60 bpm. Strenuous exercise can increase the rate by up to 200 bpm. If you have a heart problem, you can avoid things that cause excessive heartbeat.

You can measure SPO2H. It is the percentage of oxygen in the blood. The normal condition is 94-99%. You can measure and act accordingly.

Sedentary Reminder

If you want to be careful about your fitness and don't want to sit anywhere for long, you will enjoy this feature. You can set the maximum length of sitting time. When your session idle time is longer than the default duration, the watch will remind you that it is time to get up or do some vibration or touch exercise.

Calorie Consumption

You can know your calorie consumption anytime and anywhere. The watch also tells you how many calories you have burned and based on which you can master your exercise. The watch also monitors its execution status.

Sleep analysisMicrowear L5 SmartWatch

Sleeping is very important to us as it gives us the strength to work again. The Microwear L5 smartwatch can do your sleep analysis completely. This analysis can accurately monitor your various stages of sleep, such as deep sleep, light sleep, and waking time. This sleep quality assessment will help you discover what may be the reason for your poor sleep and improve your sleep quality.

Life assistant

The Microwear L5 on your wrist can act as your personal assistant. It can easily remind you, such as water reminder, alarm, exercise, time, countdown, stopwatch, date, event etc. This feature will make your life simpler, more convenient and healthier.

Multiple Sports Mode

The smartwatch has the support of 10 sports mode. Sports are walking, running, cycling, rock climbing, swimming, soccer, basketball, table tennis, badminton. You can select a sport mode to record the workout. To pause, you must press the power button and save, delete or resume measurement. This watch will monitor and record the details of your workout.

It will measure and display the steps, distance, mileage, heart rate and calories of any day clearly. The data will be saved at 12 hours and then reset to 0 the next day. You can find all data previously saved in the history.

You can check them at any time and act accordingly. That way you don't need any extra gadgets to measure calories.

Standby interface

The Microwear L5 has a standby interface. In the watch, there are pairs of dials for options. You must press the home button for 2 seconds to change when you are on the home page.

Status Bar

For the status bar, you need to get down from the standby screen. You will see the status of the Bluetooth connection, information on power percentage, brightness level. For weather information, you need to swipe left on the status bar.

Messages, Call Notifications

Microwear L5 can alert you about call notifications, SMS, Facebook, email etc. on your phone when connected via Bluetooth. These notifications sync with your phone and may also have some content with them. You don't have to take your phone out of your pocket every time, but watch the notification on your smartwatch. So even if your phone is silent or you are in a meeting, you would still know the phone's status. And at the time of emergency you can respond.

You can reject answering the incoming call from your phone. You can also check the weather forecast on your watch.

Music Control

You can play music on your phone and can control by the clock when connected to the phone. If you like music and enjoy listening to music while traveling, you know this is a very comforting feature to be able to control your playlist on your watch. During exercise, it adds more convenience to the music control.

Anti-Lost Feature

The Microwear L5 smart watch alerts you by sounding an alarm if the phone is within 10 meters of the watch. And that only happens when the clock is synchronized with your phone. People who forget their phones most often finally have something to solve their problem.

Control camera

There is a camera option on your smartwatch, where you can control the phone's camera. You need to open the phone camera and then, by the clock option, can take pictures, the media can control the camera of your phone.

What you may not like

This smartwatch is a bracelet of fitness with many features. You may not like the design of the watch. You can feel so many things on one small screen. But, some people may find this useful as well.

Summing it Up

We think Microwear brought a good smartwatch. You will not find another smartwatch with so many features at this price. The smartwatch has all the things it should have.

It is your decision to buy it or not. We just try to help you by informing you of features, specifications and providing you with the true Microwear L5 smartwatch review. We hope the review is helpful to you. Good luck

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