Little Fox NAcloset

Little fox

I can't stand this cuteness !! Fox dress for girl. Are you already imagining your girl (daughter, little son, granddaughter ...) with this beautiful dress?!

First of all, I know you want to know where to find this dress. You can find this dress in my online store.

Do you still remember being a child?

In the north pole Santa Claus is a worker, here he is a legend !!

If your girl is one to five years old, this is the perfect gift !! A very sweet and perfect dress for any time of the year. You can wear just like that with some sandals for the summer. Can wear with knee socks or even tights and a long-sleeved sweater or body underneath, plus beautiful boots and is perfect for winter.

What is your daughter's favorite animal?

Leave your answer in the comments, if it's really a fox, and you can prove your statement in a photo, you'll get a discount on this same dress.

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Would the child you were proud of the person you are today?

Front of girl's dress

back of girl dress

little fox